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Chicago’s Best Dive Bars

Chicago Dive Bars

Fancy cocktails and conceptual decor are great and all, but sometimes you just need a bar with dim lighting and a cheap beer-and-a-shot special. We spend a good amount of our time in these dive bars around town—”diamonds in the rough” if you will—and we can assure you they’ll get the job done. From pleasant, neighborhood […]

For The Love of BEER – Broo’ers Festival Returns.

Bonnaroo 2018: Broo'ers Festival

For The Love of BEER – Broo’ers Festival Returns Featuring over 24 different breweries from all over the U.S., this year’s Broo’ers Festival will once again offer many varieties of beers and ciders to wet your whistle. Come enjoy enjoy hearty bocks, revitalizing pilsners, fruity pale ales, refreshing ciders and more offered up by world-renowned […]

Home brewing: Adding the malt extract and candied sugar to the wort

Stirring in the malt extract

Watch the golden malt extract ooze out into the swirling pot of love as we prepare a Belgian Trippel. If you listen closely, you might here a little “glug glug glug”. This time around, we used Mallard Malts as it’s what came with my kit.   When you’re finished pouring, add a little bit of […]