KRONOS: Duration Pay Codes

Kronos workforce management

Q: A questions for those that use duration pay codes –  Do you utilize the Always process duration as separate shift?

I have been using Duration Pay Code edits a lot recently and found the feature robust and useful.

I generally use the “Always process duration as a separate shift” as my default because a Duration Pay Code Edit typically is expected be behave like a Standard Pay Code Edit (which is not attached to any existing punched span of time).  Remember, a Duration Pay Code Edit is very much like a punched span of time, so usually one would want that separated from any “real” punched time.
Nice thing is you can have the time associated with the Duration Pay Code Edit be the same time as a punch or the same time as other Duration Pay Code Edit.
I have configured Duration Pay Codes with the amount flowing through a Work Rule (specified in the Pay Code Definition– very much like having Holiday Credit flow through a Work Rule).  Also, Totals Pay Code Replacement which allows me to use and test a single Pay Code Distribution, but have the resulting pay code substituted with another “at the end”.  Hard to describe, but I like it.  I recently used Duration Pay Codes for about a dozen pay codes that needed to behave like a worked span of time starting at midnight— it was all based on one Work Rule/PCD with Totals Pay Code Replacement in the Pay Code definition.
I have not used them for the Auto-resolved Exceptions (which are entirely different from what I described above), but those look like they would be useful in some policy settings.